• IMDSv2 Calls w/ Older Boto3

    I had a recent problem where I needed to disable IMDSv1 on an older application that could not be upgraded. The boto3 version was 1.8.9 and would require significant changes to support IMDSv2. Instead of upgrading, I was able to set the AWS config and credentials using puppet, using the EC2 instance profile role. This […]

  • Accessing Docker as non-root user on Ubuntu 20.04

    After installing docker on Ubuntu 20.04, in order to run docker commands against the docker daemon, you must add the user to the docker group. If a permissions denied state persists, try logging out and back in again before running additional commands. The most common error message is: If you are using the ubuntu user, […]

  • Using minikube instead of Docker Desktop on Mac OS

    With the recent license changes on Docker Desktop, many users have switched to minikube on Mac. minikube is simple to setup and run, and also gives you kubernetes. Everyone should be using kubernetes. This assumes the user is using brew for package management and that Docker Desktop has been removed. After this installation, docker commands […]

  • AccessDenied: User: is not authorized to perform: elasticloadbalancing:AddTags on resource

    I recently updated a deployed helm chart’s ingress definition to add an SSL redirect on port 80 and was surprised to find that the operation also resulted in the removal of several listener rules from my ALB and a failure to update the SSL redirect. I pulled the logs from the AWS LoadBalancer Controller pods […]

  • Drain and Replace EKS Worker Nodes

    Unliked managed node groups, EKS worker node groups have to be recycled outside EKS after updating the AMI reference. I recently migrated all of my hosted sites from ECS to EKS and am using terragrunt/terraform for all infrastructure as code. I then upgraded the AMI that I used for the worker node groups and had […]

  • Bitnami WordPress Helm Chart Fails Liveness / Readiness Probes

    The update to wordpress 5.8 has resulted in all helm deployments failing due to liveness and readiness probe failures. The problem seems to be that if the wordpressScheme is set to https, the liveness/readiness probes use http and fail to stabilize the container. I submitted a PR that was merged to fix this so that […]

  • Bitnami/wordpress Helm Chart Fails if wp_user with id = 1 missing

    If deploying the Bitnami WordPress helm chart to an existing external database, without wp-content populated, and the wp_users table does not have a user entry with id = 1, the wordpress container will never stabilize, wordpress will not install. The wordpress directory will be created and the install will stop and the container will crash. […]

  • EFS Volume Fails to Mount on Kubernetes Pod

    I was migrating a site from AWS ECS to AWS EKS recently, using the bitnami/wordpress helm chart and came across the following error: I spent quite a while troubleshooting this error, and the result was actually not related to this output at all. This output was due to the wordpress pod coming online before the […]

  • AWS LoadBalancer SSL Redirect with Bitnami Helm Chart(s)

    First of all, thank you to Bitnami for providing such valuable helm charts to the community. What a great resource! Why doesn’t Bitnami support adding an SSL redirect for AWS LoadBalancing in their helm charts? I have worked with several lately where the templates baked into the helm charts will not allow the addition of […]

  • DropBox Drops the Ball on Support

    Years ago (>5), I signed up for a dropbox.com account to work with a client. I have been charged an annual fee for this years, even though I have not used the service for a number of years. While auditing my finances, I noted the charge and reached out to dropbox support to try to […]