Jenkins CI – Authentication Lockout

As I’ve been working with Jenkins lately, authentication has become an obstacle to overcome. I’ve begun using the AD plugin for authentication which seems to work fairly well. Two issues that I have found semi regularly as I test and implement solutions around authentication are; 1) administrator locked out, and 2) connection timeouts to AD from Jenkins.

In order to resolve the issue with any user getting locked out, there are two possible solutions that I use. The one that seems most recommended on the internet is to edit the config.xml in the Jenkins home directory and set useSecurity to false. I don’t like this and don’t use it anymore. The method that I prefer (when locking myself out) is to set myself up as the administrator by adding the following permission node:


After that, a restart of tomcat will allow you to login as the administrator.

As far as the connection timeouts, those are intermittent and have not yet warranted detailed troubleshooting. I am using an uncommon network configuration for this particular deployment which introduces quite a bit of latency at times.






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