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  • Bitnami WordPress Helm Chart Fails Liveness / Readiness Probes

    The update to wordpress 5.8 has resulted in all helm deployments failing due to liveness and readiness probe failures. The problem seems to be that if the wordpressScheme is set to https, the liveness/readiness probes use http and fail to stabilize the container. I submitted a PR that was merged to fix this so that […]

  • Bitnami/wordpress Helm Chart Fails if wp_user with id = 1 missing

    If deploying the Bitnami WordPress helm chart to an existing external database, without wp-content populated, and the wp_users table does not have a user entry with id = 1, the wordpress container will never stabilize, wordpress will not install. The wordpress directory will be created and the install will stop and the container will crash. […]

  • EFS Volume Fails to Mount on Kubernetes Pod

    I was migrating a site from AWS ECS to AWS EKS recently, using the bitnami/wordpress helm chart and came across the following error: I spent quite a while troubleshooting this error, and the result was actually not related to this output at all. This output was due to the wordpress pod coming online before the […]

  • ElasticSearch Put-Mapping Conflict

    If you experience very high Master CPU usage, and low index throughput, you may be seeing the effects of a put-mapping conflict. This can best be confirmed through querying the pending_tasks API: Further information from the hot_threads API can confirm by looking for a clusterService#updateTask hot thread that consumes significant CPU on the master node. […]

  • AWS CLI v2 on OSX – Upgrade to latest

    I was working on a project with a client where I wasn’t able to initialize a terragrunt deployment when using SSO: The version of the AWS CLI that I was using was 2.0.56. Upgrading to the latest version solved the issue (2.1.32). Be sure to login again after upgrading. Verify by running the following command: […]

  • Proxy requests to ElasticSearch and Kibana using nginx

    Proxy requests to AWS ElasticSearch and Kibana using nginx. I use the following nginx configuration, deployed via puppet template. The nginx proxy is an EC2 instance within an AutoScaling Group behind an ELB, with SSL termination. This configuration allow access to both kibana and elasticsearch, through this proxy endpoint.

  • OKTA MFA with the AWS CLI using aws_okta_keyman

    I recently started using the aws_okta_keyman utility created by nathan-v to authenticate using Okta MFA when using the AWS CLI on some AWS accounts. This is a very handy tool that will authenticate, handle the push notification, and configure credentials for CLI use. One major problem with this utility is that it will over-write your […]

  • Managing terraform versions

    With the large number of individuals and teams using terraform, it can be difficult to work with the many versions of terraform in a large company, or with multiple clients. There are two methods I use to manage this:1. Using docker2. Using tfenv The benefit to using docker is that you don’t have to install […]

  • Add port to firewalld for external access

    The following command will list the current firewall rules: To add a new rule, issue the following command: Next, reload firewalld: List the rules again to confirm: RE:

  • Unknown variable; There is no variable named…

    I was building an AWS Code Pipeline recently with terraform to deploy a new rails application on an ECS cluster and encountered the following error: The problem in the buildspec.yml was the following line: All of these build arguments were taken from System Manager’s Parameter store, so I know they were there. The problem was […]