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  • Bitnami WordPress Helm Chart Fails Liveness / Readiness Probes

    The update to wordpress 5.8 has resulted in all helm deployments failing due to liveness and readiness probe failures. The problem seems to be that if the wordpressScheme is set to https, the liveness/readiness probes use http and fail to stabilize the container. I submitted a PR that was merged to fix this so that […]

  • Bitnami/wordpress Helm Chart Fails if wp_user with id = 1 missing

    If deploying the Bitnami WordPress helm chart to an existing external database, without wp-content populated, and the wp_users table does not have a user entry with id = 1, the wordpress container will never stabilize, wordpress will not install. The wordpress directory will be created and the install will stop and the container will crash. […]

  • EFS Volume Fails to Mount on Kubernetes Pod

    I was migrating a site from AWS ECS to AWS EKS recently, using the bitnami/wordpress helm chart and came across the following error: I spent quite a while troubleshooting this error, and the result was actually not related to this output at all. This output was due to the wordpress pod coming online before the […]

  • AWS LoadBalancer SSL Redirect with Bitnami Helm Chart(s)

    First of all, thank you to Bitnami for providing such valuable helm charts to the community. What a great resource! Why doesn’t Bitnami support adding an SSL redirect for AWS LoadBalancing in their helm charts? I have worked with several lately where the templates baked into the helm charts will not allow the addition of […]