ruby aws-sdk strikes again…

When using ruby to upload files to S3 and trying to use multipart upload, beware the following ArgumentError:

...param_validator.rb:32:in `validate!': unexpected value at params[:server_side_encryption] (ArgumentError)
	from /var/lib/jenkins/.gem/ruby/gems/aws-sdk-core-3.6.0/lib/seahorse/client/request.rb:70:in `send_request'
	from /var/lib/jenkins/.gem/ruby/gems/aws-sdk-s3-1.4.0/lib/aws-sdk-s3/client.rb:3980:in `list_parts'

The options passed to list_parts must not include “server_side_encryption”. I always forget to remove this parameter.

A good way that I have found to solve this issue is:

      input_opts = {
        bucket:                 bucket,
        key:                    key,
        server_side_encryption: "AES256",

      if defined? mime_type
        input_opts = input_opts.merge({
          content_type: mime_type,
      input_opts.delete_if {|key,value| key.to_s.eql?("content_type") }
      input_opts.delete_if {|key,value| key.to_s.eql?("server_side_encryption") }

      input_opts = input_opts.merge({
          :upload_id   => mpu_create_response.upload_id,

      parts_resp = s3.list_parts(input_opts)

You can see here that I delete values that may have been added so that the final options hash will work with the list_parts call.



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