DropBox Drops the Ball on Support

Years ago (>5), I signed up for a dropbox.com account to work with a client. I have been charged an annual fee for this years, even though I have not used the service for a number of years. While auditing my finances, I noted the charge and reached out to dropbox support to try to cancel the service. It has now been 5 months and DropBox has yet to respond to me, and they continue to charge my credit card.

I’d love to resolve the issue, but now I have to dispute the charge with my bank. What a pain! Why are some companies so hard to work with? I don’t have access to the email account used to sign up so they won’t respond to me. I am a paying customer who has used no resources for years – the ideal customer! I just don’t want to be. Now I would be hard-pressed to be a customer of theirs again.






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