Tableau 2020.2.4: This job failed due to unexpected error: ‘ServiceOperationTimeoutException’

I was recently working on a problem with Tableau Server where restore operations were failing due to a ServiceOperationTimeoutException. The restore was failing to a new server, that was maintained as a hot stand-by, or passive node.

Upon further examination, when trying to stop the service, via the browser control or from the command line using tsm, each time it would fail with this timeout error and the ‘Ask Data’ service would be in an error state. It didn’t matter how many times I tried to stop Tableau, it would never stop.

The ‘Ask Data’ service is listed in the process table (task manager) as nlp.exe. I found that if I issued a stop command, waited for it to timeout, and then killed the nlp.exe process, I was able to restore successfully.

The issue resolved after rebooting the server.






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  1. marwan Avatar

    I have the same issue, even changing the server version not working

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