Puppet deprecation in stdlib module…

As part of the long upgrade to become fully compatible with puppet 4 and drop puppet 3 support — version 4.13+ of the stdlib module introduced some breaking changes for other modules that I use. I recently upgrade some individual modules using the ‘puppet module upgrade’ method.

Upon upgrading, I received the following message:

Error: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Function Call, undefined method `function_deprecation' ...

The solution, for now, until the modules that I use are upgraded to work with the newer version of stdlib, is to downgrade to version 4.12 of puppetlabs-stdlib.

Before downgrading, check to see if there are other modules which require a version greater than 4.12, ie:

> for file in $(find modules/ -type f -name metadata.json); do echo -n ${file}; echo -n ":  "; egrep -i stdlib ${file} || echo ""; done
modules//apt/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 4.5.0 < 5.0.0"}
modules//archive/metadata.json:        "name": "puppetlabs/stdlib",
modules//concat/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 4.2.0 < 5.0.0"}
modules//ec2tagfacts/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 3.2.0 < 5.0.0"},
modules//epel/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 3.0.0"}
modules//java/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 2.4.0 < 5.0.0"}
modules//jenkins/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 4.6.0 < 5.0.0"},
modules//lvm/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">=4.1.0 < 5.0.0"}
modules//mysql/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 3.2.0 < 5.0.0"},
modules//python/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">= 4.6.0 < 6.0.0"},
modules//rvm/metadata.json:      {"name":"puppetlabs/stdlib","version_requirement":">=4.2.0"},

The following modules require a version of puppetlabs-stdlib greater than 4.12:

  • apt – 4.5+
  • concat – 4.2.0+
  • jenkins- 4.6.0+
  • python4.6.0+
  • rvm – 4.2.0+

Sting with the apt module, the apt module is version 4.1.0. According to the puppetlabs-apt change log page, they recommend staying on version 2.3.0 unless you’re ready for the latest puppet 4 changes (they actually say any version 2 release but we’ll let that go after figuring it out…), so we need to downgrade that module first:

> puppet module upgrade puppetlabs-apt --version 2.3.0 --modulepath=modules/
Notice: Preparing to upgrade 'puppetlabs-apt' ...
Notice: Found 'puppetlabs-apt' (v2.4.0) in .../puppet/modules ...
Notice: Downloading from https://forgeapi.puppetlabs.com ...
Error: Could not upgrade module 'puppetlabs-apt' (v2.4.0 -> v2.3.0)
  Downgrading is not allowed.

Ok, so you can’t use the upgrade command to downgrade modules, so I need to be a little more heavy handed. I removed the apt module manually:

> rm -rf modules/apt/

Next, install version 2.3.0 of puppetlabs-apt:

> puppet module install puppetlabs-apt --version 2.3.0 --modulepath=modules/
Notice: Preparing to install into .../puppet/modules ...
Notice: Downloading from https://forgeapi.puppetlabs.com ...
Notice: Installing -- do not interrupt ...
└─┬ puppetlabs-apt (v2.3.0)
  └── puppetlabs-stdlib (v4.19.0)

Now that I’m deep into this problem, I see great value in using something like r10k or Code Manager (which uses r10k) to manage these modules and dependencies.

Another potentially useful tip – I removed the puppetlabs-stdlib module and ran a module list command, and it then told me which modules were dependent upon the missing module, and which versions:

> puppet module list --modulepath=modules/
Warning: Missing dependency 'puppetlabs-stdlib':
  'puppetlabs-apt' (v2.3.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 4.5.0 < 5.0.0)
  'puppet-archive' (v2.0.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 4.13.0 < 5.0.0)
  'puppetlabs-concat' (v2.2.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 4.2.0 < 5.0.0)
  'bryana-ec2tagfacts' (v0.2.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 3.2.0 < 5.0.0)
  'stahnma-epel' (v1.2.2) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 3.0.0)
  'puppetlabs-java' (v1.5.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 2.4.0 < 5.0.0)
  'rtyler-jenkins' (v1.7.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 4.6.0 < 5.0.0)
  'puppetlabs-lvm' (v0.7.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>=4.1.0 < 5.0.0)
  'puppetlabs-mysql' (v3.10.0) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 3.2.0 < 5.0.0)
  'stankevich-python' (v1.14.2) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>= 4.6.0 < 6.0.0)
  'maestrodev-rvm' (v1.13.1) requires 'puppetlabs-stdlib' (>=4.2.0)

Moving on to using r10k..

gem install r10k

I then created a Puppetfile using my modules and am using r10k to manage them.

Note: converting to using r10k took around 20 minutes — if you’re not using r10k (or Code Manager), it’s time to start.


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