Author: Josh Miller, RHCE

  • Setting a LUNs Alignment Offset

    I came across this handy page which details LUN alignment offset via fdisk: Setting the offset. Apparently this comes in handy when working with EMC Clarriions.

  • Sony Cybershot with Fedora 9

    While attempting to dump some photos from my newly acquired Sony Cybershot camera onto a Fedora 9 workstation, I had to switch to “Mass Storage” mode on the camera before I was able to mount the volume. When I inserted the USB cable into my camera and turned it on, the dmesg output was as […]

  • MySQL: MyISAM Table Gotchas!

    I’ve recently had to learn a lot about MySQL and how to manage it effectively, especially after it has not been managed very well for a long time. As a Linux Administrator I’ve had the opportunity to use MySQL in many roles over the years but never at an enterprise level. I’m still learning and […]

  • vi Tip of the day!

    Something that I need to do frequently is to set some text to lowercase in vi which is currently in mixed or upper case. A quick way to do this is: :1s/\(.*\)/\L\1/ The above command acts on line 1 in the file, takes the entire line, enclosed in parentheses to create a group, then uses […]

  • DNS Vulnerability

    Tuesday a vulnerability was made public which affects all users of the DNS system. The vulnerability was discovered by Dan Kaminsky, a prominent researcher in the area of DNS, who organized a mass patch release by major vendors to prevent delays between the vulnerability becoming public and the patch being released. This is a […]

  • Firefox 3!

    Firefox 3 has been released! I have been using this version for nearly one full day now and it’s great. I was disappointed when I loaded up all of my tabs and I normally just log out of my X session or Windows session to allow the handy crash recovery to recover all of my […]

  • Net Neutrality

    There are a lot of discussions going on recently with regard to ‘Net Neutrality’. When I think of the subject, I typically think of my evil ISP blocking or restricting my traffic and/or giving preference to web sites that they want me to see. I also think of the government blocking my traffic to certain […]

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to my blog! The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts of technical topics related to Linux, authentication, security, and other random topics.