DNS Vulnerability

Tuesday a vulnerability was made public which affects all users of the DNS system. The vulnerability was discovered by Dan Kaminsky, a prominent researcher in the area of DNS, who organized a mass patch release by major vendors to prevent delays between the vulnerability becoming public and the patch being released.


This is a critical fix that should be applied ASAP to all DNS servers, regardless of vendor.

Firefox 3!

Firefox 3 has been released!

I have been using this version for nearly one full day now and it’s great. I was disappointed when I loaded up all of my tabs and I normally just log out of my X session or Windows session to allow the handy crash recovery to recover all of my lost tabs on subsequent restart when, much to my dismay, it did not recover them. I had to explicitly specify through the options menu to revert to the previous set of tabs and windows on restart.

Download Firefox 3!

Net Neutrality

There are a lot of discussions going on recently with regard to ‘Net Neutrality’. When I think of the subject, I typically think of my evil ISP blocking or restricting my traffic and/or giving preference to web sites that they want me to see. I also think of the government blocking my traffic to certain sites like the great firewall of China.

I read an interesting article written by Richard Bennet where he talks about how the government should stay out of these discussions, letting engineers handle the engineering task of dictating how traffic should be controlled.

Well worth the read.